Lunar Lady Set

Lunar Lady Set

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For the girl who lives by the moon. Full moon, crescent moon… whatever phase she’s at, you’re always there, looking up to her for guidance.

It’s no secret the moon has a strong effect over us all. Some of us feel it more than others…but there is no doubt it’s there.

This set combines two of Justine’s hand made pendant- the hand carved wax casting of the crescent moon & the hand hammered full moon disc. Both in solid brass, they’ll last a lifetime until you’re ready to pass them on to the next moon lover. We’ll even include a polishing cloth so you can help keep them shiny.

Both chains are gold plated brass- they’re high quality and won’t tarnish. The chains are separate too, so you can wear one necklace on it’s own or layered with something else if you wish.

You can choose which one you would like shorter, and which one you would like longer…the last two pics show you the two options.

Shorter chain is 40 cm

Longer chain is 45 cm

Check our necklace length guide for more detail on lengths

Chain Lengths:
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