The Moon & The Sea

The Moon & The Sea


This elegantly simple set is for the ladies who love the moon (come on surely that’s all of us?)

With both a full moon pendant and a lunar eclipse pendant complimented by the natural hues of the cowrie shell, this set has the perfect balance of bling and earth.

The full moon pendant sits up high, almost a choker length while the lunar eclipe and shell hang elegantly below.

Pendants are handmade in recycled Sterling Silver and shell and strung onto high quality Italian Sterling Silver chain so you’ll never need to take them off.

In fact we think swimming, showering etc. just helps keep them clean!

We’ll send you a silver polishing cloth though so if they tarnish over time you can easily clean them.

Chain lengths are as follows:

Full moon silver pendant 35 cm

Lunar Eclipse pendant 50 cm

Cowrie pendant 60 cm

*If you would like to customise/ change chain lengths around that is completely fine- just drop us an email on

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