The beginning of Two In The Sun

For my first blog post, I thought I'd share with you Alex's very first diary entry.  It was this moment when we decided to pack up our lives, dive into the unknown and travel around living in our old van Murphey that allowed Two In The Sun to come into fruition.

And Alex's writing and poetry is so creative and unique, I love how he sums everything up into such short verses, yet captures so much. 



Ultra Violet Subterranean Cavern Quest

Tired of gear and fears, smears of constraint, held solely by ourselves.

Releasing it swiftly from it's belly, from it's gate the decision came quickly.   

Little had been know about the pebble and the stone, but the rock was running late, it's time to rock-off.

Into the blue, the brown, green and grey.

To where the sun meets it's rest, departing the east to take our home from our nest, our quest, nevertheless, the Ultra Violet Subterranean Cavern Quest

To be beamed upon daily. Greyley we'll become.

To be washed around gently, a pebble and a stone.

Till there's rust in our pockets and our sockets are but rust, till the tyres are bare and the wheels have no home.

All that we know is all is unknown and that the apple that falls (from it's high branch, atop a 100 year old apple tree planted delicately, overhanging a zenith of a Mediterannean cliff) , falls far from where it's seed was thrown.

Like a rolling stone, but with wheels and a glow, like a horse with no name but his name is Murphey.


Written by Alexander Peronis


I think this sums up our departure into the unknown so perfectly.

And if I can give you one piece of advice in this moment, it is not to be afraid of change and diving into the unknown. This can be when the best things happen. Let go of control a little. Let things take their course. 

The journey is the best part!

Until next time, lot's of love and warm wishes to you all.


South Coast NSW Camp

South Coast NSW Camp

Happiness in the simple things

Happiness in the simple things

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