two in the sun

Born on the road. Made for life.

Jewellery for the earth loving adventurer. Two In The Sun was born whilst travelling around Australia.

Now back home in beautiful Byron Bay, all pieces are designed and made locally here in our studio.

We gather materials from the most sustainable and ethical sources we can find, keeping our production small and footprint minimal. You can read more about that in our sustainable design section on the website.

We attend various markets and events with our creations, keeping the spirit of life on the road alive.

Environmental protection and action is something very close to owner/ designer Justine Moran's heart. With much inspiration coming from the ocean, we've chosen to support a local Byron Bay organisation Positive Change For Marine Life by donating to them on a monthly basis. 


Justine Moran- head designer of Two In The Sun

Justine Moran- head designer of Two In The Sun


Hey Guys, Justine here...

Just a quick little run down on who I am and how we came to be.

So I'm the one behind Two In The Sun (or as my friends call it TITS!)


I want you to know that everything  I make is honest and authentic and I want you to feel that.

I believe that everything we buy & wear should have a good history for the people involved and the planet.

Sustainable design is at the forefront of my mind, because nothing is beautiful if it causes destruction.

So I research high and low to bring you the most ethical and sustainable materials I can find...and turn them into something timelessly wearable.


I worked in textile and interior design in the past and only became a full time jewellery maker after travelling around Australia with my other half Alex in our van.

We did a full lap of Australia, spending time in some of the most remarkable places I've been on this entire planet.

It gave me the time and inspiration I needed to put more into my passtime of making jewellery.

And with a little (or a lot) of encouragement and support from Alex,  it became more than just a hobby, it became my full time job!


I can't even explain how happy it makes me to watch my little project grow, finding more and more people who crave ethical, sustainable and simple design.

Every customer, follower, online order is important to me and I cherish your support from the bottom of my heart.

If you ever have any questions about a product, process or anything in between, get in touch... I'm more than happy to answer them for you.


Thank you for being here, thank you for supporting sustainable design and giving a's you guys that make this all possible.

With love and gratitude,

Justine xo