Silver Daisy Necklace Daisy-silver-necklace-bloom-two-in-the-sun4.jpeg

Silver Daisy Necklace

from 75.00
Gold Daisy Necklace gold-daisy-bloom-two-in-the-sun4.jpg

Gold Daisy Necklace

from 95.00
Summer Rain Silver Necklace summer-rain-necklace-silver-bloom-two-in-the-sun2.jpeg

Summer Rain Silver Necklace

from 75.00
Summer Rain Gold Necklace summer-rain-necklace-gold-bloom-two-in-the-sun.jpeg

Summer Rain Gold Necklace

from 95.00
Ocean Heart Gold Necklace ocean-heart-necklace-bloom-two-in-the-sun2.jpeg

Ocean Heart Gold Necklace

from 95.00
Ocean Heart Silver Necklace ocean-heart-silver-necklace-bloom-two-in0-the-sun.jpg

Ocean Heart Silver Necklace

from 75.00
Silver Love Heart Necklace

Silver Love Heart Necklace

from 69.00
Make Waves Golden Pendant make-waves-gold-two-in-the-sun.jpeg

Make Waves Golden Pendant

from 65.00
Gold Love Heart Necklace

Gold Love Heart Necklace

from 89.00
Moonshine Golden Necklace golden-moon-pendant-two-in-the-sun.jpg

Moonshine Golden Necklace

from 59.00
Moonshine Pendant moonshine-pendant1-two-in-the-sun.jpg

Moonshine Pendant

from 65.00
Sunflower Pendant Brass sunflower-pendant-two-in-the-sun-main.jpg

Sunflower Pendant Brass

from 69.00
Silver Sunshine Pendant cowrie-pendant-and-sunshine-pendant2-two-in-the-sun.jpg

Silver Sunshine Pendant

from 69.00
Golden Sunshine Pendant Gold-layers-two-in-the-sun.JPG

Golden Sunshine Pendant

from 65.00
Moondrops Gold Necklace

Moondrops Gold Necklace

from 75.00
Moondrops Necklace moon-drop-necklace-two-in-the-sun.jpg

Moondrops Necklace

from 55.00
The Full Moon and The Sea Necklace the-full-moon-and-the-sea-two-in-the-sun.jpg

The Full Moon and The Sea Necklace

from 59.00
Sky Trio Silver Charm Necklace sky-trio-model-silver-two-in-the-sun.jpeg

Sky Trio Silver Charm Necklace

from 119.00
Sky Trio Brass Charm Necklace sky-trio-and-sunflower-brass-two-in-the-sun.jpeg

Sky Trio Brass Charm Necklace

from 129.00
Shark Pendant Golden golden-shark-two-in-the-sun.jpg

Shark Pendant Golden

from 85.00
Shark Silver Pendant shark-pendant-silver-two-in-the-sun.jpeg

Shark Silver Pendant

from 70.00
The Sun & Moon Golden Set Sun-and-moon-set-gold-two-in-the-sun.JPG

The Sun & Moon Golden Set

from 105.00
Sun and Moon Silver Set sun-and-moon-set-silver.JPG

Sun and Moon Silver Set

from 120.00
Sunflower Pendant Silver sunflower-pendant-silver-model1-two-in-the-sun.jpg

Sunflower Pendant Silver

from 75.00
Lunar Lady Set lunar-lady-gold-set3-two-in-the-sun.JPG

Lunar Lady Set

from 95.00
Golden Cowrie Necklace golden-cowrie-pendant-two-in-the-sun.JPG

Golden Cowrie Necklace

from 25.00
The Sun, The Moon & The Sea Gold Set Golden-sunshine-set-two-in-the-sun.JPG

The Sun, The Moon & The Sea Gold Set

Make Waves Pendant Make-waves-penants-two-in-the-sun.JPG

Make Waves Pendant

from 65.00
Full Moon Pendant Silver full-moon-pendant-close-silver-two-in-the-sun.JPG

Full Moon Pendant Silver

from 45.00
Circle Pendant Eclipse-pendant-two-in-the-sun.JPG

Circle Pendant

from 45.00
Whale Tail Silver Pendant whale-tail-tahlia.jpeg

Whale Tail Silver Pendant

from 49.00
Cowrie Pendant Cowrie-pendant-two-in-the-sun.JPG

Cowrie Pendant

from 25.00
The Moon & The Sea Silver Necklace Set silver-trio-necklaces-two-in-the-sun.JPG

The Moon & The Sea Silver Necklace Set