Knowing Where Your Product Comes From

We source whatever we can to be minimal impact, local and to be of the highest possible quality.

All products we use are either recyclable or bio-degradable, so you will not be leaving a destructive environmental footprint on our earth.

We also donate monthly to a wonderful organisation called Positive Change For Marine Life. We take so much inspiration from the ocean and we want to help look after it. These guys do amazing work, getting involved in communities around the world to initiate positive change from the ground up. We are very happy to be able to support them.

Sustainability is so important, and we consider every angle within our business.  We hope to inspire other businesses to do the same. It'e easy to create something that looks beautiful.. but where has it come from? We all have the responsibility to look into what we buy, and ask the question. Was this ethically and sustain-ably produced?  

And hopefully one day we won't have to ask this question anymore as this will become normal practice. We must all have a part to play in looking after our world. Let's all do this together!




We source all our raw Sterling Silver from recycled sources.  With so much unused metal around it seems crazy to be mining more. So we try to use recycled, re-purposed metals wherever possible. We also keep all our off cuts and scraps from the making process and send it back to our supplier so they can re-use it again. The recycling process is done entirely in Australia so it has low travel emissions,  minimal waste and low environmental impact. 


We have begun to introduce brass into our making process also. We choose to use brass over gold as brass is far more readily available, can be recycled with ease and infinite number of times and has a far more ethical background than the gold industry, It can always be polished back to it's original shine, so it will last a lifetime, just like gold.


We source our shells from sustainable farms. Our Paua Shell comes from a small scale Abalone farm in New Zealand, we then buy the shells from the farm to ensure they do not go to waste and turn them into beautiful jewellery! Our Cowrie Shells are also sourced from a sustainable company. It's worth paying a little more for the health and longevity of our oceans.


We use natural braided hemp in some of our bracelets and anklets. The hemp is natural in colour- no dyes and is sturdy, strong and long lasting. Currently we have to source our hemp from overseas, however with the hemp industry gaining momentum in Australia e hope to soon be able to source this locally too.



We buy our crystals from small suppliers here in Australia who carefully source their crystals to ensure they are ethically mined and of the highest quality.