Autumn Mist

With the smell of salt in the air as the waves crash onto the rocks and the sand, a hazy cloud sits above the water beckoning us with what's beyond it's veil...


Our latest collection Autumn Mist is inspired by the change in season in this spectacular region of Margaret River.. 

With soft greens and greys, shell, softwoven hemp fiber, leather and washed beach-glass, each piece is there to remind us of the magic and the power of our mother earth & her oceans.

The coast in the South of Western Australia is particularly wild, ripples that have travelled thousands of kilometers meet the outer reefs & form tremendous waves with so much power and a kind of rugged grace.  It makes you feel alive to simply watch them as they crash onto the rocks and the shoreline, creating a great spray that stays in the air as mist, intensifying as the sun sinks down towards the oceans horizon.

As we prepare to move on from this exceptional place we have called home these past 12 months, we take with us the lessons imprinted from this land.

Beauty is everywhere- one must simply keep their eyes open. Being a sub-tropical Northern Rivers girl originally the sting of winter was a shock and my reaction was to 'get out of here' but it was the winter that taught me the most. Taught me how to find the beauty of nature in the cold. Helped me realise that happiness is within.

Thank you Margaret River for all you have given, we will never forget you. This range is for you.


This photoshoot features Amanda as the model and myself as the director and photographer. Amanda and I met 12 months ago when we had both just arrived in the area... and she's also off on her gypsy way (today!) to the East Coast, so it was just perfect that we had one last photoshoot together.

The afternoon we took these photos was her last opportunity to play on the shoreline where Margaret River meets the sea as we watched a magnificent sunset light up the sky.

I feel blessed that we were able to capture these moments together.

Thank you Amanda, and happy travels. Catch you on the other side.


Warm wishes to all, may you find that beauty of winter and your happiness within.

Justine xo


Model: Amanda Hasson

Photography: Justine Moran

Clothing: Pre-loved silk throw, pre-loved crochet cardigan & Amanda's white cotton dress