The Sun & Moon Golden Set

The Sun & Moon Golden Set

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If you’re anything like us you love them both. How can you choose a favourite. The sun give us warmth, the moon gives us energy… the sun grows our plants, the moon moves our oceans…good news- you don’t have to have a favourite- you can wear them both together.

Each sun & each moon pendant is cast in solid brass from Justine’s hand carved wax casting, then finished individually by hand here in our Byron Bay studio, giving each pair their own unique touch.

Both on gold plated brass chains, they are high quality and won’t tarnish. The chains are separate so you can always just wear one at a time if you wish.

The two options for the necklace lengths are:

40 & 45 cm or 45 & 50 cm (check our necklace length guide for more detail)

Also available in sterling silver.

Chain Length:
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